Golden Revive Plus Ingredients [2023] – Shocking Golden Revive Plus Side Effects Report

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Golden Revive Plus may additionally be a dietary complement created with the aid of Dr. Joshua Levitt.

The complement claims to guide joint fitness and joint ache alleviation the usage of herbal ingredients. Just take two tablets of Golden Revive Plus daily, then experience “an active, pain-free life.”

Golden Revive Plus | Legit or a Big Scam? Uses, Side Effects, Interactions!

Does Golden Revive Plus absolutely work? How does Golden Revive Plus relieve joint pain? What does Golden Revive Plus do? decide the whole thing you would like to recognize about this dietary complement nowadays in our review.

What is Golden Revive Plus?

Golden Revive Plus may additionally be a joint fitness complement offered completely on-line via

The complement includes components like turmeric to guide joint fitness in a range of ways. it had been created via Dr. Joshua Levitt of UpWellness, who describes himself as a “doctor of inflammation,” claiming that Golden Revive Plus Review can also be a “30-second trick to grease your stiff and creaky joints.”

Dr. Levitt also describes his formula as a “natural pain relief breakthrough” that he developed after working with thousands of patients over the last 20 years.

Dr. Levitt may additionally be a naturopathic physician with 20 years of journey treating patients. He’s based totally in Connecticut, the place he’s employed at a herbal fitness clinic. He additionally runs his complement company, UpWellness.

Dr. Levitt specifically advertises Golden Revive Plus to people that have struggled with joint pain drugs or have considered surgery. He recommends against “blindly following doctor’s orders” because doctors “can actually cause more harm than good.”

Joint pain is complicated, and no joint pain relief solution works for everyone. Why is Dr. Levitt so confident in his formula? Let’s take a better check out how Golden Revive Plus works.

How Does Golden Revive Plus Work?

Golden Revive Plus doesn’t just claim to alleviate joint pain. It claims to heal your joints and provides you a greater range of movement than you’ve experienced in years.

Here’s how Dr. Levitt’s sales web page describes what you’ll assume to ride after taking Golden Revive Plus:

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Golden Revive Plus | Legit or a Big Scam? Uses, Side Effects, Interactions!

“Your joints, muscles, and nerves will right away start to heal, and you’ll trip a easy motion you haven’t felt in years. Your vary of movement will improve.”

As mentioned above, Dr. Levitt claims to concentrate on inflammation. He even calls himself “Dr. Inflammation.” In many of us, joint pain is caused by inflammation. The areas between your joints can become inflamed, resulting in joint pain.

Golden Revive Plus claims to focal point on this irritation the use of herbal elements like turmeric. Turmeric has been proven to assist wholesome inflammation, and loads of human beings take turmeric dietary supplements every day for inflammation. Mega Arise Max Male Enhancement carries turmeric and different components to make positive your body receives the joint help and irritation aid it needs.

Golden Revive Plus Features & Benefits

According to the Golden Revive Plus sales page, you’ll experience all of the subsequent features and benefits after taking Golden Revive Plus:

  • Eliminate joint, muscle, and nerve discomfort
  • Avoid dangerous drugs and painful surgeries
  • Get obviate aches, pain, and stiffness using a herbal method
  • Target knee, hip, back, and full-body pain
  • Target the groundwork clarification for joint pain, inflammation, the usage of turmeric and different herbal substances

Why It’s Dangerous to Follow your Doctor’s Advice for Joint Pain

Surgeons Perform Unnecessary Surgeries: Dr. Levitt claims that surgeons perform unnecessary surgeries. In fact, he cites one study proving that surgical complications and medical errors are the third leading explanation for death within us. It’s rare for doctors to recommend surgeries for straightforward joint pain. However, doctors may recommend surgery for more serious joint issues.

Golden Revive Plus | Legit or a Big Scam? Uses, Side Effects, Interactions!

Doctors Prescribe an immoderate quantity of Pain Medication: Dr. Levitt additionally takes problem with the way physicians prescribe ache medication. Too many docs lodge to prescription ache medicinal drug instantly. alternatively than concentrated on the groundwork clarification for joint ache (inflammation), docs goal the symptom of joint issues: inflammation.

Doctor Recommendations reason Addiction: Dr. Levitt claims that blindly following your doctor’s recommendation can motive dependancy issues. Thousands of humans are hooked on opioids. Many of these humans received hooked on opioids after receiving a prescription from their doctor.

Overall, Dr. Levitt seems to recommend against following your doctor’s medical advice. If your doctor prescribes pain medication or recommends surgery for your joint issues, then Dr. Levitt seems to recommend ignoring that advice and taking Golden Revive Plus instead.

How Does the I-M-F Protocol Work?

Golden Revive Plus claims to do away with all joint pain. to strive to do that, the complement pursuits some thing Dr. Levitt calls “the I-M-F protocol”:

“It’s as easy as 1-2-3. The 1-2-3 refers to the three key sources of pain I’ve identified and therefore the method I’ve created to deal with them. Something I call the I-M-F protocol….And what starts the I-M-F process may be a series of chemical reactions that together ignore the flames of inflammation which then results in muscle tension and ultimately, fibrosis.”

Dr. Levitt claims that Golden Revive Plus turns off this I-M-F process, causing pain to be “banished from your body” nearly instantly. He claims it’s like “breaking the pain chain.”

To ruin the ache chain, Golden Revive Plus goals every letter of I-M-F, including:

  • I: Inflammation
  • M: Muscle Tension
  • F: Fibrosis

By disrupting the I-M-F process, Dr. Levitt claims Golden Revive Plus will take away all joint ache inside as little as a couple of days after taking it.

How Inflammation Affects Joint Pain

Dr. Levitt may be a big believer in inflammation and joint pain. Golden Revive Plus primarily works by targeting inflammation – almost like how most joint pain supplements work.

Golden Revive Plus | Legit or a Big Scam? Uses, Side Effects, Interactions!

Inflammation isn’t complicated. It’s your body’s response to worry. When your body detects an infection or injury, it sends healing compounds thereto the region. This results in inflammation. It’s a natural part of your body’s healing process.

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With joint pain, your physique can’t heal the joints actually with inflammation. Your joints may want to grow to be infected over an prolonged duration of your time.

That’s why Dr. Levitt recommends shutting down the inflammation without interfering together with your body’s healing process:

Dr. Levitt recommends breaking the ache chain to stop the irritation process. to attempt to do that, he goals a chosen phase of the ache chain known as REL proteins. These proteins reason infection at some stage in the body.

Muscle Tension and Joint Pain

The 2nd phase of I-M-F refers to muscle tension. Dr. Levitt claims Golden Revive Plus can restore inflammation, muscle tension, and fibrosis. Inflammation effects in joint stiffness, which may also purpose muscle tension.

Golden Revive Plus | Legit or a Big Scam? Uses, Side Effects, Interactions!

Muscle anxiety outcomes in extra damage. The longer muscle anxiety lasts, the extra probable it’ll do long-term damage. More muscle anxiety consequences in greater damage, and consequently the cycle repeats.

Tense muscles make things worse by isolating blood supply within the area, which may “strangle delicate nerves,” causing even more pain, consistent with Dr. Levitt.

Fibrosis and Joint Pain

Fibrosis may additionally be a fancy phrase for connective tissue. Scarring can also be a herbal section of the recovery process. It’s additionally the “F” in Dr. Levitt’s I-M-F process.

Scar tissue caused by chronic inflammation can cause more problems. a bit like muscle tension, fibrosis can cause a limited range of motion. It also can snare nerves and blood vessels, resulting in more pain.

Golden Revive Plus claims to center of attention on all three elements of the I-M-F process, removing joint ache from your physique inside days.

Golden Revive Plus Ingredients

Obviously, all joint pain dietary supplements declare to do away with joint pain. Most of them don’t work. Good components are what separate proper joint ache dietary supplements from awful ones.

To target joint pain, Golden Revive Plus Ingredients uses the subsequent ingredients:

Turmeric: Dr. Levitt claims turmeric “hits every target within the chain reaction of chronic inflammation,” which is why many of us claim turmeric has anti-inflammatory effects. Some people take turmeric daily for overall inflammation. Others use it specifically for joint pain. Turmeric is rich in curcumin, which appears to be linked to inflammation. In fact, some studies show that turmeric and curcumin have similar anti-inflammatory effects to NSAIDs. Dr. Levitt claims the turmeric in Golden Revive Plus “puts out the hearth of inflammation and silences pain” and may “work an equivalent way a drug does.” Golden Revive Plus contains a selected sort of turmeric called BCM-95.

Golden Revive Plus | Legit or a Big Scam? Uses, Side Effects, Interactions!

Boswellia Serrata: salai is an natural extract located in many joint ache comfort supplements. Studies exhibit that salai is wealthy in boswellic acid, which may want to help healthful inflammation. Dr. Levitt describes boswellic acid as “an extraordinarily effective anti-inflammatory” which will block a protein linked to inflammation, assisting put off joint pain.

Magnesium: Magnesium can also be a integral mineral used for lots of years for fitness and health benefits. Today, magnesium deficiency is rare. Most of us get ample magnesium in their diet. However, Golden Revive Plus consists of delivered magnesium to focal point on free radicals for the duration of your body.

Quercetin: Quercetin might also be a herbal compound observed in wine and onions. It’s a sort of flavonoid linked to effective antioxidant benefits. Many joint ache dietary supplements include quercetin to furnish lasting comfort from musculoskeletal pain.

Bromelain: Golden Revive Plus contains bromelain specifically to focus on fibrosis. In fact, Dr. Levitt describes bromelain as an “anti-fibrotic enzyme.” Bromelain is found in pineapples, and it’s linked to pain-relieving properties. Like quercetin and turmeric, bromelain has been shown to support healthy inflammation. Dr. Levitt even claims bromelain “works also as many anti-inflammatory drugs for pain relief,” resulting in pain reduction as high as 60%.

Piperine: Golden Revive Plus consists of black pepper extract, additionally referred to as piperine. Piperine has been proven to lengthen the absorption of turmeric to the most quantity of 2,000%. That’s why truely each legitimate turmeric complement offered nowadays as piperine.

Other Ingredients: Golden Revive Plus uses a gelatin capsule with rice bran as a filler.

Together, these six active ingredients claim to support the I-M-F process, helping your body stop inflammation, muscle tension, and fibrosis while relieving joint pain.

What’s Inside Golden Revive Plus?

Golden Revive Plus Side Effects contains the subsequent ingredients and dosages:

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Golden Revive Plus | Legit or a Big Scam? Uses, Side Effects, Interactions!

  • 67mg of magnesium (16% DV)
  • 333mg of salai extracts (with 65% Boswellic acid)
  • 333mg of BCM-95 curcumin (standardized to 86% curcuminoids)
  • 167mg of bromelain
  • 190mg of quercetin
  • 7mg of piperine
  • Gelatin (capsule) and rice bran

What to Expect When Taking Golden Revive Plus

The Golden Revive Plus income web page is stuffed with human beings that stopped taking their ache medicine after the usage of Golden Revive Plus. The sales page claims that you absolutely may want to dispose of joint ache inside days by using taking Golden Revive Plus.

According to more than one “verified purchaser” evaluations on the official website, you’ll revel in the subsequent advantages by way of taking Golden Revive Plus:

One woman claims she eliminated her hip pain and chronic digestive problems after taking Golden Revive Plus

Another man in his 60s described Golden Revive Plus as a “godsend,” giving him the mobility he had when he used to be youthful

Overall, Golden Revive Plus claims the formula can give anyone a “second chance at a lively, pain-free life.” consistent with the official website and patron testimonials, by way of putting off ache from the mobile level, Golden Revive Plus Benefits can change your life.

Scientific Evidence for Golden Revive Plus

Golden Revive Plus carries substances backed by using a great deal scientific evidence. There are lots of research on turmeric and magnesium, for instance. Generally, Golden Revive Plus have to work as marketed to assist healthful irritation all through your body, even though it’s going to no longer totally take away joint ache altogether people.

Golden Revive Plus | Legit or a Big Scam? Uses, Side Effects, Interactions!

However, you’ll favor to are seeking out a complement with a greater dose of turmeric. Most dietary supplements comprise 1,000mg to 1,500mg of turmeric per serving, whilst Golden Revive Plus incorporates simply 333mg. Some research use doses of 4,000 to 12,000mg of turmeric per day and have determined these doses secure for human consumption.

The other ingredients in Golden Revive Plus could also help with inflammation and joint pain. salai, for instance, was described as “a potential anti-inflammatory agent” in one 2011 study.

Overall, Golden Revive Plus Price consists of demonstrated joint pain remedy substances and components demonstrated to assist inflammation, even though dosage is much less than what we would possibly commonly see for the duration of a correct turmeric supplement.

You can solely purchase Golden Revive Plus thru, the place it’s on hand at the subsequent rates:

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All costs consist of free transport to us. Each bottle consists of 60 tablets (30 servings). you’re taking two pills of Golden Revive Plus daily.

You can additionally store an extra 10% by means of signing up for the auto-ship subscription. You get hold of new orders of Golden Revive Plus monthly, then get 10% off your order.

Golden Revive Plus Refund Policy

A lifetime guarantee backs golden Revive Plus.

You can request a refund at any factor if you’re unhappy collectively with your buy for any reason. If you don’t journey huge comfort from infection and joint pain, then you’ll request a refund at any factor with no questions asked.

Final Word

Golden Revive Plus may additionally be a turmeric complement created with the aid of Dr. Joshua Levitt and his group at UpWellness. The complement carries turmeric and different substances to assist infection and joint pain.

Golden Revive Plus | Legit or a Big Scam? Uses, Side Effects, Interactions!

By taking Golden Revive Plus daily, you’ll purportedly cast off joint ache and assist infection inside days. The complement is backed through a lifetime guarantee, which suggests you’ll request a refund if Golden Revive Plus doesn’t appreciably have an effect on your joint pain.

To learn more about Golden Revive Plus and the way it works, visit online today at

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