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If you’re searching for an objective, up-to-date, and fact-based PhenQ review you acquired to the proper place, you will get precisely that! That’s my promise!

Gerina Reilly

If you’re here, you probable heard about PhenQ, however are now not certain if it is the actual factor or if PhenQ is the proper product for you, or perhaps you simply favor to comprehend greater about PhenQ earlier than pulling the plug…

Whatever it is, you will get your answers in this post…

NOTE: Yes, THEY JUST RELEASED A NEW BOTTLE for July… Same product, new presentation…

Let’s be honest, with so many faux critiques and fly-by websites on the net, we don’t be aware of what to consider anymore, that’s why I determined to do my personal lookup about PhenQ so I’m happy you’re here…

My name is Gerina Reilly and in this post, I’ll overview and analyze all elements concerning PhenQ, and you’ll get it from a supply you understand you can continually trust: ?

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This will be a complete and very unique evaluation of PhenQ , you’ll get everything, the good and the bad, nothing will be left out, I mean EVERYTHING!

I promise you that by the end of this post you will have a clear idea if this supplement is right for you or not…

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Don’t have much time? Check my PhenQ RATINGS and VERDICT at the backside of the post, otherwise, we have a lot to cover, so let’s go on with our review, have to we?

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This is a list of the main points we will talk about in detail in this post:


      • What Is PhenQ?
      • How Does PhenQ Work?
      • What Are the PhenQ Ingredients? (In Details)
      • What Is A-Lacy Reset?
      • What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of PhenQ?
      • What Are the Negative Side Effects of PhenQ?
      • What Are the Results of Clinical Studies & Trials?
      • What Are Users Saying About PhenQ?
      • Are any Legit Feedback from Real Users?
      • Is PhenQ Right for Everyone?
      • How Do You Know If PhenQ Is Right for You?
      • Final Thoughts
      • My Conclusion – Final Words
      • Where to Buy PhenQ? – How to Get the Best Deal?
      • FAQ Regarding PhenQ
      • PhenQ Ratings & Verdict

When deciding on a dietary complement to help you lose weight, you commonly have a lot of questions in your mind, and they’re no longer continually effortless to answer…

      • Do you favor a fats burner or an urge for food suppressant?
      • Will an energy booster help you?
      • Is it essential to matter solely on herbal ingredients?
      • How to discover a product with little to no facet effects?

These are simply a few of the questions you want to reply earlier than you pick out the proper product for you, etc, etc…

And yes, you’ve heard about PhenQ, maybe you only heard great things about PhenQ and wonder if this is finally the answer to all your questions, right? Don’t worry, as I stated before, I will provide you all the solutions you need.

PhenQ is one product that has been getting a lot of interest due to the fact of the way that it combines herbal components to work as a fat burner, an appetite suppressant, and a metabolic booster barring inflicting facet results like these located in different weight loss plan products.

But is all this buzz and recognition based totally on actual facts? Does PhenQ is as nice as it is believed to be? Let’s discover out…

What Is PhenQ?

Phen Q

PhenQ is manufactured by using WOLFSON BERG LIMITED. We located that Wolfson is a legit and dependable organization that has been a chief in the complement market for over 10 years.

We gladly discovered that this supplement is not your typical weight loss pill which the ONLY goal is to suppress your appetite…

According to the manufacturer, PhenQ focuses on many specific elements of weight loss at the same time, so it attacks obesity from many different fronts… But we’ll see what the facts are…

The first thing you need to know about PhenQ is that it does NOT contain Phentermine, which is a banned substance in most parts of the world.

Although phentermine was found to be a very powerful and highly effective weight loss supplement, it also had a lot of negative side effects, some of which were very dangerous.

The makers of PhenQ claim that it can provide the same kind of effectiveness that phentermine did, however except a prescription and barring the terrible facet effects.

They say that by means of taking simply two capsules a day, you will be capable to decrease the measurement of your fats cells, have extra energy, and get down to a weight that is protected and wholesome for you, we will see what the information truly are…

How Does PhenQ Work?

How Does PhenQ Work?


Here is how PhenQ supposedly works…

PhenQ mixes components that SHOULD assist the physique to burn fat.

Apparently, this formula only uses ingredients that are proven to work. These ingredients include popular weight loss aids such as a-Lacy and piperine.

PhenQ focuses on getting ready the physique for fast fats burning . The metabolism is expanded as properly as a person’s power levels. This will enable the physique to burn fats and stick to the fundamental residences of fats burning.

This complement additionally consists of caffeine and L-carnitine. Both of these merchandise are tested to be high quality weight loss ingredients.

“NOTE: There is also piperine in this product which SHOULD help PhenQ to be even more effective.”

The complement is APPARENTLY convenient to use and it has a big base of loyal followers, so this for sure is a fat-burning product that will be on the market for a lengthy time. This is some thing I take into consideration when inspecting a weight loss supplement…

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What Are the PhenQ Ingredients?

Most PhenQ reviews only talk briefly about the ingredients inside the product and I think this is a mistake. For me, the ingredients one product is made of is the single most important thing to decide the first-class and effectiveness of a precise product.

This is why I researched extensively every ingredient used in PhenQ, I wanted to know everything; what it does, what is usually used for, effectiveness, side effects, and so on, so we can have a real picture of what we have in our hands…

So, right here are my findings of the substances interior the PhenQ formula…

The company claims that each ingredient used in the formula is quality tested for freshness and it is up to its best form for efficiency and absorption.


“It is this special combination of components that make it as effective as it is, and you will no longer locate this combo in any different food regimen product on the market today.”

According to the company, phase of the system is a secret recipe of special weight loss ingredients.

On the official PhenQ site, the makers of PhenQ claim that it includes a sophisticated formula.

I investigated this supposed fat-burning formula and here is what I found out…

PhenQ Natural Ingredients

a-Lacy Reset: What Is It?

HERE ARE THE FACTS: The main secret ingredient is a-Lacy Reset which after being clinically tested has been shown to help reduce weight and burn off fat. It can even help increase lean muscle mass.

Note: According to experts the best way to burn fat and increase the rate of your metabolism is to expand the quantity of muscle tissue in the body.


Lacy Reset is a patented formula that is a combination of ALA and CYS.

It has been in a position to normal mobile redox and is a root radical collector.

This ingredient neutralizes the free radicals in the physique that can reason harm. These free radicals will be neutralized thru the procedure of anaerobic metabolism which takes vicinity in the mitochondria of the cell.

The effects should be able to:

      • Increase in energy levels
      • Reduce the feeling of fatigue
      • Work to improve mood
      • Help the body recover after working out
      • A-Lacy Reset can also assist a individual with these components in their daily life.
      • The product is stated to be high quality at burning fat.

Also, a-LACYS promotes fats oxidation, and the greater fats oxidation the greater fats you will burn, on pinnacle of that, it additionally will increase bioavailability.

What this skill is that it helps the physique to soak up any complement or medicinal drug a lot better, so the consequences are better.

a-LACYS RESET offers many more benefits, they include:

      • Helping the body slim down
      • The anti-aging property
      • Positive effects during menopause
      • The detoxification properties

In addition to the pretty superb ingredient a-LACYS RESET, PhenQ incorporates different elements that have been established to assist with the fat-burning process.

Let’s Explain Some of Those Ingredients:

Capsimax Powder

Capsimax Powder is a natural ingredient derived from peppers. This substance helps to raise your core temperature so that you burn more calories. In some ways, it is a metabolic booster.

This powder is made from ingredients that may increase the temperature of the body through thermogenesis. This will help put the body in a fat-burning state 24 hours a day. This powder is made up of caffeine, piperine, capsicum, niacin, and vitamin B3.

NOTE: Piperine has other effects on the body besides thermogenic.
This will help prevent the formation of new adipocytes in the body
and may help recover those that have been lost.

Capsicum and piperine are part of the secret in PhenQ. They increase thermogenic in the body which leads to fat burning. These ingredients are commonly found in weight loss supplements.

Chromium Picolinate

Calcium Carbonate and Chromium Picolinate are also used as a way to help the body to burn more fat. These ingredients act as fat burners so that you’re capable to shed present fats besides placing on extra weight in the meantime.

This complement is frequently located in meals consisting of meat, complete grains, and even some vegetables. This has been proven to assist a character battle off cravings for sweets, sugary foods, and ingredients excessive in carbs.

Chromium can help the body control blood sugar levels. When the body gets a sufficient amount of chromium the cells can store needed sugar. This reduces the cravings for sweets. This will make it easier for people even those with a sweet tooth to lose weight.

Sugars and carbs can quit an superb food regimen so it is really useful to minimize the cravings for these items.


Nopal is made from the Nopal cactus, this is not a popular ingredient but it can help a person effectively lose weight.

This is a cactus that has a great deal of valuable fiber. Fibers are needed for appetite control and to help a person lose weight. Many nutritionists recommend eating a diet high in fiber to will help the body to lose weight quickly.

TIP: Nopal can definitively help reduce flatulence which can make the body feel lighter and healthier.

This cactus supplement contains a high amount of fiber and this is one of the most important things when it comes to losing weight.

A food plan that is excessive in fiber will assist shed kilos quickly.

This additionally carries a excessive quantity of amino acids which the physique needs. This can assist supply a character power and combat again towards fatigue.

The Nopal cactus will assist limit flatulence and the retention of fluids. This will permit you to experience lighter and healthier.

L Carnitine Fumarate

This is a very vital amino acid and is naturally located in crimson meats, inexperienced vegetables, and nuts.

This amino acid will help the body turn fat into energy so that it can be burnt off.

You will be able to feel your best and be full of energy.

The Combination of these 2 ingredients, Nopal, and L-Carnitine Fumarate works to keep your digestive system going and to help burn more fat at the same time.


There is a small amount of caffeine in PhenQ, but no more than a typical cup of coffee. This provides a small energy boost that helps your body to burn more calories and also enables you to have more energy while you are dieting.

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Caffeine is recognized to provide the physique energy, enlarge alertness, and assist minimize fatigue. Caffeine can additionally assist manage urge for food and make bigger the method of thermogenesis in the body.

Many athletes drink a beverage that is excessive in caffeine such as espresso earlier than working out and training.

PhenQ Diet Program

PhenQ Advantages & Disadvantages

PhenQ is no longer perfect, as in most dietary supplements there are pros and cons. Most PhenQ evaluations will inform you that the whole thing about PhenQ is good, however they’re now not being honest, accept as true with me, PhenQ is some distance from perfect.


PhenQ Advantages

There are countless motives why you ought to strive PhenQ if you are looking to lose weight. They include:

      • High-quality formula with quick absorption
      • It consists of a-Lacy which helps the physique burn fats quickly.
      • Is a product that contains 5 fat-soluble products
      • Is legal to use and is safe
      • There are no known medical interactions
      • No prescription is needed
      • According to users, the results are worth it
      • The complement is all-natural and there are little to no facet outcomes
      • Good for vegetarians as well as vegans
      • Well known manufacturer
      • Comes with a money-back guarantee

PhenQ Disadvantages

      • Should not be used by women that are pregnant
      • Should not be used by women that are breastfeeding
      • Sound no longer be used by using humans with a serious disorder or sickness
      • Not encouraged for use by using humans beneath the age of 18

Possible Negative Side Effects of PhenQ

PhenQ does now not comprise steroids of Beta two antagonists. Even with all-natural supplements, there are some aspect results that a person must be conscious of. Since PhenQ does include caffeine there may additionally be some moderate facet effects:

      • Irritability
      • Migraine headaches
      • Possible diarrhea

If you are diabetic be certain to talk to your physician earlier than the use of PhenQ. This complement does incorporate chromium picolinate which can also have an effect on blood sugar degrees or some of the medicines that you may also be using.

I was once amazed to locate out that PhenQ whilst having many enormously wonderful ingredients, the facet outcomes had been simply very low in contrast to different weight loss tablets I researched.

Studies & Clinical Trials About PhenQ

Clinical Studies & Trials

The trademarked formulation in the PhenQ tablets is referred to as a-Lacys Reset. This system was once these days studied in medical trials and the consequences have been clear and concise, it lowered physique weight and physique fat, and expanded muscle mass.

Based on data on the website, PhenQ was once studied in opposition to a placebo. People that have been the use of the PhenQ misplaced round three percentage of their physique weight, 7 percentage of their fat, and they reap four percentage of lean muscle mass.

What Are Users Saying About PhenQ?

After I researched so much about PhenQ I wasn’t without a doubt amazed when I realized that most critiques about PhenQ have been high quality , after getting to know so a good deal about the nice and effectiveness of PhenQ I was once certainly looking forward to that…

The fact is that this tablet has acquired a lot, I suggest A LOT of fantastic opinions from users. There are over 190,000 customers that are joyful with the effects they have viewed when the use of PhenQ, in accordance to the legit site.

According to the repeat sales of PhenQ, there are thousands of more happy users out there. I have to admit, I found similar feedback during my research…

“The general consensus is that this supplement will help fight off stored fat and will release kilos and will help reduce cravings and suppress appetite.”

I absolutely tried to locate some poor critiques or bad comments from customers that did no longer get the effects they have been expecting, however even even though I tried very hard, most of the actual customers had a advantageous ride with Phen Q.

The evaluations of PhenQ may additionally shock you considering the fact that many of them are written by way of humans who wanted to lose 50 pounds, one hundred pounds, or more, and many of them certainly had shocking results. However, they additionally comply with a strict weight-reduction plan and a day by day exercising program.

PhenQ proved additionally to be very high quality for these who had been simply attempting to lose these remaining 10 or 20 kilos to sense higher about themselves.

NOTE: These customers did now not make any modifications to their life-style or nutrition, and nevertheless received consequences from the use of PhenQ on its own.

Obviously, no longer all of them had the identical fantastic results, so maintain in idea that even even though most customers had high-quality outcomes from PhenQ, I additionally observed a handful of clients that did now not get the consequences they have been promised.

So strive to have sensible expectations about the consequences that you may additionally get.

Legit Feedback from Real Users

Here are some of the testimonials I found on the web. I tried to pick up the ones that look legit:

“Handling my cravings have constantly been a huge deal for me, and PhenQ was once in a position to get them lower back below manage so I may want to lose weight.” – Lydia, MA

“I knew that I needed help with losing weight and PhenQ was the boost that I needed. It helped me to stop all that eating at night that was derailing my dieting.” – Arnie, FL

“This product was all I needed to finally get down to my goal weight. I was so happy that I could get married looking great.” – Stephanie, GA

Another of the matters that you would possibly be aware when analyzing the critiques for this product is that there are no obvious facet consequences for most people, which is for sure very important.

This is real whether or not you are making an attempt to lose a lot of weight or simply 10 or so pounds.

Is PhenQ Right for Everyone?

One of the things that makes PhenQ so unique is that it works as an energy booster, a fat burner, and an appetite suppressant simultaneously, which means that there are no typical side effects that you would find in a less-balanced diet pill.

TIP: Because PhenQ does include caffeine, you need to strive and restrict your consumption of caffeine, such as coffee, soda, and chocolate.

Of course, if you have existing health conditions or if you are taking prescription medications, you may additionally desire to discuss to your health practitioner or pharmacist earlier than making an attempt this product. Also, girls who are pregnant or breastfeeding need to no longer be taking this product.

The Official Website of PhenQ Can Be Found By Clicking Here
PhenQ User Reviews And Testimonials

How to Know If PhenQ Is Right for You?

There are not perfect weight loss pills on the market, yes, we all want something safe, effective, and cheap, right? But that’s a tough search, to say the least…

PhenQ may not be that cheap but it is proven to be safe and effective, and if we take all the positives into consideration we may realize that in fact, it is not really expensive.

In the end, you get what you pay for…

“Considering that you get a money-back guarantee on your purchase, it is a secure way to attempt a product and see for your self if it works for you. You can also be amazed with your results.”

Even the best product will not work for everyone, some will have great results, others won’t, is just the way things are.

But if you’re going to strive a product it is smart, at least, to attempt one that has accurate person feedback, a lengthy time on the market, and a lengthy document of protection and reliability.

And I really think PhenQ meets all the criteria…

No be counted how a whole lot weight you assume you want to lose, it continually helps to have a product that you can remember on, and with its special combo of herbal ingredients, I truely suppose that PhenQ may also assist you to attain your weight loss goals.

Final Thoughts

Getting to the end of my PhenQ review, let me try to summarize a few points:

As I stated before, I spent a lot of time getting to know PhenQ and I’m impressed by using the variety of remarks I found, most of them positive.

And let me repeat; I tried actually challenging to discover bad testimonials about PhenQ, and was once amazed to find out that most customers have nice matters to say about PhenQ.

“Of course, no each and every testimonial and evaluation I observed was once positive…”

I found the feedback from customers that claimed they didn’t get the effects they anticipated , or that they did no longer lose weight as quickly as they have been expecting.

Some users complain about too many side effects, but they also admitted that they exceeded the recommended dose or combined PhenQ with other supplements, which is not recommended…

On the contrary side, many customers that did now not see accurate outcomes additionally ended up admitting that they generally neglected doses and did no longer adjust their diet habits or their lifestyles.

Keep in thought that the outcomes will differ from individual to man or woman and that the consequences you’ll get will, in part, rely on you.

My Conclusion – Final Verdict


  • PhenQ is manufactured by a reputable company that has been in business for years.
  • PhenQ is made from high-quality ingredients that have been demonstrated to work and are computer-mixed to meet the most rigorous fantastic requirements in the industry.
  • PhenQ results are backed by science, and research have proven that the components in the system are distinctly advantageous and all have been proven to have a number of weight loss properties.
  • PhenQ promotes a state of synergy, this will permit the physique to go into fat-burning mode each day. This maximizes the quantity of weight you lose due to the fact the physique will use the saved fats as energy.

“Most of PhenQ users are recurring users, this means that they bought the product, and were happy with the results they had from the experience, right?”

So in conclusion, yes, I recommend PhenQ.

It is definitively one of the first-rate weight loss merchandise I have reviewed and I don’t say this lightly.

It is indeed a solid product, and you will definitively benefit from it if you follow the simple instructions and the basic guidelines.

To get the most out of PhenQ, you want to adjust a little bit of your way of life and your diet habits. If you can do this, I have no doubt you will be amazed via the consequences that you will see.

Another vital issue I desire to factor out earlier than I depart is that you can mix the effective effects you can get from PhenQ with a weight loss gadget like Cinderella Solution, this will definitively take your weight loss efforts to any other level.

I wrote a full review here: Cinderella Solution Review, just in case you want to go and take a look.

Where to Buy PhenQ Safely & How to Get the Best Deal

If you figure out to take PhenQ for a spin, please be cautious the place you purchase from, I don’t desire you to get scammed and lose your richly deserved money…

I do not recommend purchasing this supplement on Amazon, Walmart, GNC, or similar stores. If you want to get the real thing, straight from the manufacturer, your best option is the official website, otherwise, you will never know if you really got the real and original PhenQ.

“Another motive we propose that you buy PhenQ on the reputable internet site is that you’ll get the 60-day money-back warranty that comes with this supplement.”


We also confirm that you will also get FREE expedited shipping with every order.

What this potential is that you can strive the tablets for 60 days and if you don’t see the sorts of outcomes that you had been expecting, or if you have any facet results that you can’t tolerate, then you can get a full refund. You will now not get this type of warranty somewhere else.

Here is an true photograph from the legit internet site (see below), so when you get there you will recognize that you are in the proper place…

PhenQ Official Website

You can buy PhenQ no remember the place you stay in the world. Even although is Extremely Effective it is criminal to use international and can be shipped to the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, France, and Italy.

I simply established that the legit internet site is imparting for a constrained time up to 2 bottles of PhenQ totally FREE with your purchase, plus one free bottle of Avana Cleanse. Of course, the aunt of the FREE bottles that you will get will depend on the package you choose.

Advana Cleanse

The Advana Cleanse Bonus is right on point, that’s an extra $40 to $50 that you will save, purpose we all recognize that in order to take gain of any weight loss program application or complement we first need to clean our body of toxins and chemicals, so this is money that you’ll save.

Advana Cleanse or any different superb cleaner will reset your metabolism and easy your physique from unsafe waste, toxins, and chemical substances and permit extra vitamins to skip into your system.

You will feel cleaner and healthier just by using the cleanser, trust me.

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To go straight to the producer respectable Website simply click on the hyperlink below: Wehere to Buy PhenQ Now? The Official Website

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding PhenQ

Q: What exactly is PhenQ? A: PhenQ will assist the physique burn fat. It is criminal to use. This complement has 5 methods of helping with fats loss and the body’s capability to burn off fat.

Q: Are there side effects when using PhenQ? A: There can also be some moderate aspect results that a small proportion of customers experience.

Q: How do I know if PhenQ is the right weight loss supplement for my needs? A: PhenQ is suitable for any grownup that is searching to lose weight. It can be used by using a man or a woman.

Some human beings ought to now not use PhenQ. This consists of female that are pregnant or breastfeeding, these with serious fitness conditions, and some human beings that are taking particular medications, so if you fall in one of these groups, seek advice from your health practitioner earlier than you begin any weight loss product or workout plan.

Q: Does PhenQ really work? A: Many high-quality testimonials nation that this complement truly works.

PhenQ Review Overview


Shocking Reports on PhenQ Have been introduced (Continue Reading through Clicking on this Link)

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  • Any supplement’s effectiveness and safety may depend on your individual situation and health, So make sure to contact a professional before consuming anything.
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